Miss Sobriety Pageant

2019 Miss Sobriety Pageant

Hosted by Honey LaBronx

Ticket Sales are AVAILABLE NOW

The 2019 Miss Sobriety Pageant will be held on Saturday, December 7, 2019.

At The High School of Fashion Industries on 225 West 24th Street, NYC

Doors Open at 7:00 PM and the Show Starts at 7:30 PM

Tickets are $20 Online + online fee / $25 At The Door

About the Miss Sobriety Pageant

The Big Apple Roundup Miss Sobriety Pageant is a night of fun, laughter and fellowship between the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Allied members of A.A.  This annual event, held since 2001, is a chance for the newcomer and old-timer alike to enjoy a night of Drag Queens and Kings in friendly competition in service to the fellowship.

Each year Miss Sobriety is chosen by the audience’s popular vote held during the intermissions between segments of the pageant.  The winner of the pageant is an ex-officio of the Big Apple Roundup Committee and is asked by the Big Apple Roundup Committee to host and perform at Big Apple Roundup events throughout their term.  For more information about the responsibilities of Miss Sobriety please review the Big Apple Roundup Bylaws by clicking here.

2018 Miss Sobriety Pageant

The 2018 Miss Sobriety pageant was held on the evening of October 13, 2018, at the Fashion Industries High School in New York City and was hosted by Hedda Lettuce.   It was a record-breaking year with over 800 attendees.  The Big Apple Roundup Planning Committee would like to thank all of the volunteers working backstage, front of house and hospitality for their amazing work.

Congratulations to Big Apple Roundup’s
2018 Miss Sobriety Serena Tea.
The Runner-up was Elaine Bitch.
Holly Twerks was named Miss Congeniality
by her fellow contestants.

Former Miss Sobriety Reigns

Meeka Mends, Miss Sobriety All-Stars 2016
Serena Tea, Miss Sobriety 2018
Lois Dubya, Miss Sobriety 2017
Meeka Mends, Miss Sobriety All-Stars 2016
Meeka Mends, Miss Sobriety 2016
Lady SinaGaga, Miss Sobriety 2015
Anna Nymity, Miss Sobriety 2014
Maura Mee, Miss Sobriety 2013
Delilah Brooks, Miss Sobriety All-Stars 2012
Honey LaBronx, Miss Sobriety 2012
Kittin Withawhip, Miss Sobriety 2010
Marsha Dimes, Miss Sobriety 2009
Chisa Chu, Miss Sobriety 2008
Pancakes Barbara, Miss Sobriety 2007
Betty Butterfly, Miss Sobriety 2006
Peggy Lipstick, Miss Sobriety 2005
Penny Candy, Miss Sobriety 2004
Gina Casablanca, Miss Sobriety 2003
Sparklee Diamonds, Miss Sobriety 2002
Panzi, Miss Sobriety 2001

Former Miss Sobriety Pageants (Partial List)